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Level The Playing Field

Are you sick and tired of leaving money on the table when dealing with claims adjusters? Imagine if you never had to take it on the chin again! How would you feel if you knew WHAT to say and HOW to say it, every time? This book will teach you the strategies for overcoming unreasonable claims departments. With over 200+ pages, this WILL get you results!
GC overhead and profit

Overhead and Profit

Have you been struggling to get your rightfully owed 20% overhead and profit? This is a course we made to help show you the most effective ways to get O&P.

About Level The Playing Field

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Basically, we only do two things.

But we do both things pretty darn well:

1. We help consumers, contractors, PAs and Plaintiff Attorneys overcome unreasonable claims departments so that consumers get righteous outcomes for their covered property claims.

2. We help contractors, PAs and Plaintiff Attorneys catapult their careers in property insurance.

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If you’ve ever came across a claim that went to appraisal, this is the right course for you. You’ll learn what to do, how to do it, and what to expect if you follow the right process. We’ll help you always arrive at a righteous outcome.

Level The Playing Field Resources

Take a look at what we help with:
“Win the Claim Game” by Level The Playing Field is a comprehensive guide on the right techniques to use during the insurance claim process. The steps are easy implement and get great results!
Our Facebook Group is a great place to keep up to date with everything going on in the insurance/contracting world. With over 23,000+ followers, we’ve helped thousands Level The Playing Field.
We’re the go-to guys when you have a client that has a dispute with their insurance claims department regarding damages, line items or the amount of their claim.
Top 1% Training was created to help you level up your income. This is a class conducted privately to small groups, typically a single company or a few companies together.
Estimates Made Easy writes construction estimates using Xactimate as our tool, helping contractors Level the Playing Field for their clients.
A contract is like the lock on your back door – it keeps honest people honest. Contractor Pro Docs was created to give contractors the resources they need to keep people honest.
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