Getting GCO&P paid makes a huge difference in your bottom line.  Every company in America passes along their general overhead costs along to the consumer built into their price – including all insurance companies.  What makes contracting different to every single company/industry in America?  

Learn strategies and techniques that assure success in 2023 and well beyond.  It is no exaggeration that I have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of hours studying virtually everything that exists regarding this subject. 

In almost 2,000 appraisals done in the past 23+ years, I failed to get GCO&P only 8 times

If you only obtain GCO&P on one extra claim per month (above your current track record), you could get as high as a 2,000% return on your investment for the cost of this course; and you’ll know how to do it again, again and again.


Subjects Covered:


GCO&P Workbook – Over 50 pages of Jam-Packed Info to Reinforce What You Learn During the Course and Help You Implement it to Get Results.  

Three Letters That Get Results – A letter from you to your client, for them to forward to their adjuster, a letter from them to go along with the first letter and a letter from you to the adjuster. You cannot obtain the workbook or three letters elsewhere, at any price, except at this conference, so do not ask. The value of the workbook and 3 letters EASILY exceed the cost of the conference.

BONUS – You’ve NEVER heard this anywhere else, EVER:

Substantially Boost Your Income – Significantly Increase Your Profits Without Selling More Clients, Beyond Getting GCO&P

Land a Whale This Year – How to Sell at Least One Large-Loss Commercial Project this Year 

Tax Deductible: The conference may be tax deductible by the IRS as an investment in your business – check with your CPA.



If our GCO&P master course was not worth everything you paid for it, we will happily give you a credit for the cost of the conference on any Appraisal Dispute Resolution, you keep the GCO&P workbook, and the 3 GCO&P letters as our free gift!

How can you lose?


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