Our Story


We are a team of highly skilled insurance professionals with extensive contracting backgrounds who got tired of seeing uncooperative/unscrupulous carriers push their clients around just because the consumer didn’t know what to do or even what was going on.  A number of extremely knowledgeable experts on our team have literally decades of experience (each) working as claims adjusters representing insurance carriers. 

Our highly qualified group of professionals includes an Executive General Adjuster, a couple General Adjusters, licensed Public Adjusters, licensed Professional Engineers, certified Roofing Specialists, a couple of Attorneys, and a number of former Roofing & General Contractors.  Our team of specialists all have specific roles to play that levels the playing field for everyone involved – assuring that consumers get a fair and equitable settlement for their loss. 


To put who we are and what we do in perspective, imagine a taxpayer (who has a serious issue with the IRS) hiring the former manager that supervised the collections department of the IRS to represent them.  Do you think that former collections manager knows what’s going on – what happens in the back office?  A taxpayer would have the absolute best chance of a good outcome with someone like that working for them.  That’s who we are in the claims adjusting world.  

Why This Matters

The deck is stacked against the consumer, and even their contractor, when they find themselves dealing with unreasonable, uncooperative and even the occasional unscrupulous claims adjuster.  Regarding insurance carriers, the truth is that there are a lot of really good insurance companies and good adjusters out there that do the right thing – day in and day out.  They pay fair settlements for their clients’ legitimate losses.  In fact, we’ve worked for any number of these companies over the past few decades.  Again, if you have one of these carriers, you are fortunate, and you would not be reading this site.  These carriers are not what we are all about.


If you find yourself faced with a claim settlement that you feel is unfair, what do you do?  If you find yourself in a situation where either your claims adjuster has overlooked, omitted or denied legitimate damage, or is lowballing their estimate, or, God forbid, both, then there is hope – even if they’re unreasonably delaying or denying your claim.  If you, as a consumer, are going up against a carrier’s claims and/or legal department, then you are way in over your head.  The industry has been playing the claims game, day in and day out, for over a hundred years and you have not.  They know precisely what the game is, what the rules are, and what they are doingYou do not.  The (uncooperative, unreasonable, and unscrupulous) carriers have rooms full of bean counters that use complex algorithms to precisely predict what results they are going to get . . . and you do not.  You are WAY overmatched.  You need a team on your side that can level the playing field, take them on, and WIN!  That’s precisely what we do for consumers – get them results!


We are not anti-insurance, nor do we brand the entire insurance industry as evil.  To the contrary, we came from the claims adjusting world, and we love the industry.  We simply got tired of seeing so many in the industry degrade into something the industry was never supposed to be.  The insurance industry was originally designed to indemnify (make whole financially) individuals who purchased adequate coverage, for their covered losses.  If the industry would simply do this, there would be no need for us to exist.  But alas, there are way too many uncooperative/unscrupulous carriers now days pushing their clients around, playing games with the money that is rightfully due them for their covered losses. 

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