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We write construction estimates, using Xactimate as our tool, for the purpose of helping contractors Level The Playing Field

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About Us

Estimates Made Easy writes construction estimates using Xactimate as our tool helping contractors Level the Playing Field for their clients. Adam helps coach contractors how to present and argue scope items as it relates to our estimates. This consultation is free for clients. Adam was an insurance adjuster for 10 years. He was an independent adjuster, focusing mainly on catastrophe residential, but he also handled commercial about 10% of the time. After getting burned out (primarily due to the carriers requiring us to deny more and more legitimate coverage/line items) essentially stripping him of any authority to make reasonable judgment calls to settle claims equitably for all parties, he quit adjusting.


Adam went to work for a couple of engineering firms, where he designed file handling and estimating protocols for government contracts following Hurricane Katrina.  His acclaimed protocols were highly successful maximizing the engineering company’s efficiency and the profit of the writers.  From there, he wrote estimates independently for contractors, appraisers, and public adjusters.  This segued into the creation of Estimates Made Easy, where we have helped contractors in over 40 states for the since 2017.  Although Adam rarely writes estimates himself these days, due to his schedule running the company, he has compiled an incredible team of seasoned, highly skilled estimators.  They have all been estimating professionally for many years.

Why Use Estimates Made Easy?

Our estimates are designed to shoot for the stars to be able to settle for the moon.  “The moon” is what you need to make to scale your business.   Xactimate is not an accounting analysis of your company’s pricing structure.  We use Xactimate to help you communicate with the carriers more effectively, to be able to compare apples to apples.  There is no magic in Xactimate; it is simply a list of tasks that will be performed – the A-Z of the job.  If anything, we write for you isn’t exactly what you need, let us know, and we will make changes.

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